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Platige Image's Astonishing 3D Printed Sculpture: Biostagog

A collaboration of artists and technicians has created one of the most amazing 3D printed sculptures ever attempted. Polish company Platige Image required a "statement" for their headquarters in Warsaw and we believe this massive sculpture delivers. They say: 
The installation was supposed to be an interactive, “living” element in the building, a phenomenon existing within the lobby space that would create new situations that engage people, visitors and employees alike.
It's a wall composed of over 800 individually designed 3D printed pieces and creatively lit to develop unique optical experiences for those fortunate to stand nearby. As a static sculpture it is seamlessly beautiful, but its real magic occurs when the complex lighting is applied to the 3D surfaces. This is best seen in their video below: 
The design was created by collaborator Bridge using Grasshopper to mathematically generate each of the 800 shapes. An overview of the Grasshopper generation tree is shown above (click for larger view). 
These individual pieces were then 3D printed on an array of RepRap 3D printers provided by ZMorph. Apparently, "5 machines where used 24 hours, 7 days a week for 3 months to print it."
Platige Image is a company focusing on creative endeavors. As for this endeavor, we think they nailed it. 

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