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3D Hacker's Many Services

We were contacted by Andrew Mazzotta, who, with Adam Pirie, have created "3D Hacker", a multipurpose website serving the needs of the 3D printing community. 
The website acts much like a "3D Printing Kijiji", where members can add listings in several categories, such as: parts, kits, printers, software, tools, tutorials, jobs, events, clubs and more. Some listings offer items for sale, while others are merely advertisements or announcements. Regardless, it's a useful service for the community. 
The service is not exactly free, but it's close. 3D Hacker charges a whole USD$1 to perform anti-spam verification. If you happen to be able to afford the USD$1, you'll be able to post listings. For salable items, 3D Hacker facilitates contact between buyer and seller. 
At the time of this writing, there are quite a few items at 3D Hacker, including a number of unusual 3D printer kits we've not seen before, for example, the "Impresora 3D Argentina" from Buenos Aires

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