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Cubify Releases "Draw"

Yet another easy-to-use Cubify app has been released: Draw. It's actually an iOS app where you can simply "draw" a shape with your finger. 
The shape drawn is a 2D trace, but the Draw app expands its thickness and extrudes it into a solid shape. You're permitted to either email the corresponding STL file or you can upload it to your Cubify account for further processing, including sending it to 3D Systems' massive 3D print services. Check out this video to see how it works: 
While the app is terrifically easy to use, there are some constraints: only one continuous finger trace is permitted. If you draw something and then start a second trace, the first trace disappears. Make sure you draw the entire shape in one go. Aside from the shape itself, you can adjust the width of the shape and its extruded thickness. No other adjustments are possible. 
The app works and is designed for novices (mostly children) to create stuff to print on their Cube 3D printer. It's perhaps the simplest possible 3D design app and therefore it doesn't do very much for you - but it does work and will definitely create stuff to print. 
We're wondering what will be the next Cubify app? 
Via Cubify

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