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3D Printed Walls Offer Unique Designs

Paris-based In-Flexions has produced one-of-a-kind residential room designs using 3D printing. The "Printed Habitat", created by designers François Brument and Sonia Laugier, used parametric design to develop a complete set of 3D printed blocks that, when assembled, create a complete set of interior walls. 
The blocks are individually designed, each generated using a parametric approach that permits design modifications. The result is a spectacular room, as you can see in the video. 
The pieces were printed by VoxelJet, who produce 3D printers with one of the largest volumes, a totally appropriate selection based on the size of this project. According to Brument:
We've recently developed the "Printed Habitat" project, which is an interior design system built with 3D printing technology. It allows people to create their made to measure interiors depending on their needs and constraints, combining walls, furnitures and technical fit-outs.
Similar to the techniques invented during the design of the Urbee 3D printed car, these walls include fittings for electrical and plumbing, saving space, weight and installation troubles. 
Via In-Flexions (en Francais)

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