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BioHacking Leads to 3D BioPrinting?

A report on TechCrunch describes the work of two bio companies, Genome Compiler and Cambrian Genomics. They are developing hardware and software to design and print (the DNA) of new life forms. 
The idea is to provide software (that's Genome Compiler's part) that allows a designer to combine different gene sequences together into a new DNA string that has desired characteristics. Then this DNA design is printed out with Cambrian Genomics' laser DNA printing technology. 
Interesting and possibly scary, but what does this have to do with 3D printing? 
Autodesk has invested USD$2M in Genome Compiler. 
You remember Autodesk? The folks that produce a vast array of 3D modeling software for all purposes? That's the one. 
Why would they be investing in bio-design? Perhaps they foresee integrating this software into their portfolio eventually? Perhaps bioprinting custom life forms in 3D form? What ever their plans may be, they likely won't take shape for many years. 
Via TechCrunch (Hat tip to Gary)

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