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Loci Remembers Your Flights in 3D

Loci is a fascinating dynamically generated sculpture by artist Andrew Spitz of the Netherlands. Each "Loci" is unique to the owner, who specifies a series of airline flights. These flights are then translated into abstract 3D flight paths and then printed to fit on a world map card. 
3D models are digital beasts, and as such they can literally take on any conceivable shape or design. It's the creativity that fascinates us, and Loci is an amazing linkage between physical and digital reality. It's not a scan, nor a traditional  model, but something else. Alone, a Loci print simply looks like some loops. But add in the map card and it becomes a memory, a desire and an experience. 
But it represents something very real. You could, for instance, capture the memory of a notable trip using a Loci. Or use it as an amazing invitation to join an expedition. You can even link it TripIt or FourSquare to capture location data automatically.
The project is now in a prototype state, and is intended to be included in an iPhone app under development. 

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