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More Fashion Designers Moving to 3D Printing

We may be past the pioneering stage in 3D printed fashion. While there have been several experimental forays into 3D printed clothing and accessories, we're now seeing more fashion designers join the 3D printing movement. 
Today we're reading of designer Catherine Wales, who previously worked on projects for Yves Saint Laurent, has developed an eight piece collection specifically using 3D print technology. 
The pieces are form fit directly for the model. Wales starts the process by precisely measuring the subject and then designing the piece around that shape. She says: 
I start by scanning the body and importing that data into a 3D software programme, then design the product around the curves of the body, so that they fit like a second skin. I also use my pattern cutting and fit knowledge to add or cut away from that shape in areas that will provide lift or desired reduction.
This work may be seen by you if you happen to visit the Arnhem Mode Biennale in the Netherlands before the end of July or the Design Museum in London in August. 
These works are no doubt expensive to produce, but are unique to the individual. Uniqueness counts in fashion and that is something best done by 3D printing. 

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