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Design of the Week: Mask 3

This week's selection is Mask 3 by artist Stuart Wade. Wade has developed a series of 3D printed masks inspired by "native masks and patterns". The others in the series are, of course, Mask 1 and Mask 2, both similar in style but very different. 
At first glance, the design of the Masks seem very traditional until you look closer. Then they seem much more futuristic. Traditional inspiration with tomorrow's style.  
All three Masks are available at Shapeways in Wade's online shop, "Diligence", where he sells several unusual art objects including some killer bug models. Wade also operates a "Diligence" site offering images and prints of his many fascinating 3D renderings.
You can own your own copy of the 8.3cm tall Mask 3 in a wide variety of materials provided by Shapeways. The least pricey is Sandstone at USD$18.74, while we'd prefer the Mask in Antique Bronze Glossy at USD$175.43. 

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