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A Dad Meets a 3D Printer

We've been working with 3D printers for so many years it's sometimes hard to recall what it was like when first encountering a 3D printer. That's why we're reading a post on GeekDad by Brad Moon, who decided to dive deep into 3D printing by purchasing a 3D Systems Cube personal 3D printer.
Moon spent some three weeks with the Cube, learning the hardware and software. Moon noticed and appreciated 3D Systems' consumer approach to the Cube's design, particularly its WiFi connection and colorful appearance. 
We were most interested in the challenges perceived by GeekDad, challenges that face not only the Dad in question, but all general consumers. 
While Moon had minor complaints about finishing objects and plastic problems, the two major challenges were not surprising: First, the cost of the machine and its plastic were seen to be still too high for a general consumer. Secondly, the print time was perceived to be far too long to hold consumer interest. 
We agree with that assessment, and often find print times similarly frustrating - especially when they're measured in days instead of hours. Moon expects costs to drop and speeds to increase. 
So do we. 

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