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I Will Not Print You A Gun!

The headline is not exactly what is said on a piece now appearing on Thingiverse. The "guns are bad" 3D model by Gecko is a desktop sign that actually says:
NO! I will not print you a f***ing gun
3D printed guns are obviously controversial, so much so that the mandarins at Thingiverse decided to change their terms of service to prevent storage of weaponry entirely. But why create this sign? Gecko says: 
After being asked 6 times in one day if I was going to print out a gun I thought I needed a simple concise sign. Maybe others will need it too.
I really don't think guns are baaaad (m'kay). I worked in the firearms industry as an R&D designer for quite a few years and went through the long process leading to manned firings on new weapons. The idea that some idiot will now think its safe to print something off using any machine using any material with any ammunition type because they saw it on youtube really scares. Don't be an idiot please, there is a reason you make guns in a gun factory, not your kitchen.
Amusing, wise words - and this item also receives a good review from, who say: 
I imagine having a 3D printer right about now is worse than owning a pickup when anybody you’ve ever talked to is about to move. Well overdue.
All fun, but we see something more interesting: people are making statements with 3D prints. Is this a new medium for expression? What can we expect next? Turkish protestor figurines? NSA mufflers? There should be a category for these "statements". 

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