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MendelMax 2 Now Available

Maker's Tool Works now offers their new MendelMax 2 personal 3D printer. We wrote about this unit some time ago, but now you can actually buy them direct. 
Maker's Tool Works successfully completed a beta test involving over 100 testers, who helped certify and refine the final product. Now this product is available in three models:
  • The Hardware Kit, a set of parts designed for those wanting a completely custom machine (requires additional commonly available parts to complete)
  • The Basic Kit, a low-cost option designed for those with access to tools (e.g. soldering)
  • The Standard Kit, a higher-priced option that includes more features, tools and involves a less-tricky assembly
The machines have common features: 
  • Print Volume: 230 mm x 310 mm x 225 mm
  • Printer Dimensions: 450 mm x 340 mm x 460 mm
  • Usable Maximum Print Speed: up to 250mm/sec 
  • Usable Maximum Movement Speed: 500+ mm/sec
  • Layer Height: .1-.4mm. Lower layer heights are also possible.
  • X & Y Axis Resolution: .0125mm
  • Frame: All aluminum
  • Movement: linear rail (X and Y axis), precision shafting and bushing (Z axis)
The Standard Kit differs in that it is capable of materials other than PLA, including ABS, HIPLA, IMPLA. The Basic Kit is only certified for PLA printing. You'll also receive a heated bed with the Standard Kit that will be very useful when printing ABS. 

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