3D Printed Ponies!

Across the world today many people have 3D printers, but what do they make with them? We’re seeing inventive folks focus on very specific categories and styles of objects, each trying to eke out a business by servicing the needs of others. Student and artist Nyasu decided to make cute ponies with his 3D printer. 
But Nyasu does more than simply design and print the ponies. As you can see in these images, the ponies simply don’t come out of their Reprap Prusa Mendel personal 3D printer and look like this.  
Nyasu finishes these ponies impeccably. Not only are supports trimmed off with a Dremel, but the ponies are subjected to a vapor bath to smooth out the layers to a shiny finish. Finally the ponies are attractively painted. The finished ponies are sold online to, we presume, pony lovers worldwide. 
As a business, ponies might not make you the next Mark Zuckerberg, but it could buy you a new 3D printer.   
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