A 3D Printing Revolution in South Africa

A 3D Printing Revolution in South Africa
An event featuring several notable 3D print designers is to take place in Johannesburg on July 6th. The event, “Agents of the 3D Revolution Exhibition and Seminar”, is put on by, of course, Agents of the 3D Revolution, a new group formed to promote use of 3D technology in South Africa. 
The group includes Dr. Michaella Janse van Vuuren, whose works we featured as our Design of the Week last December. 
On the speaking schedule, the event includes a number of speakers from academia focusing on digital product design and also Joshua Harker, who designed the famous Crania Anatomica skull print. The event also includes an exhibition of 3D print designers, workshops, seminars and even demonstrations of 3D print technology. 
While South Africa may be a bit far to travel for most, it turns out that the organizers have solved that issue. They say: 
The digital information generated by the Agents of the 3D revolution and the physical events will provide the media content to ensure a pervasive online presence. Those unable to attend the events will still be able to view the content online, removing the Agents from its’ geographical and temporal constraints and creating an international event that can be accessed by anyone in the world at any time.  The opening event, seminars and courses will be  recorded and uploaded onto the website. The gallery will be viewable online and the catalogue will be available in both eBook and physical format. 
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