A 3D Printer From Togo

Yes, Togo. It’s the home of Afate Gnikou of WoeLab, a technology incubator in the small African country. Gnikou has launched a crowdfunding project on Ulule to raise funds to begin building a Togo-designed personal 3D printer. 
The goal of the project is to design a 3D printer that can be built from commonly available scrap material, “adapted to African conditions and realities.” They’re particularly interested in “IT debris, namely the CPU, printer and scanners”, with which such a printer could theoretically be made. 
We believe this is an important initiative. Producing clear documentation that permits many in Africa (and elsewhere) to transform their junk into 3D printers capable of making new useful objects could make a big change for many. 
The crowdfunding campaign closes on June 15th, but the project has so far raised more than half of its goal. Please consider donating to this worthy effort. 
Via Ulule
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