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Pirate3D's Buccaneer Sets Sail

Pirate3D released their incredibly inexpensive personal 3D printer for pre-orders last week and it seems to have been a massive success. Their Kickstarter fundraising goal was USD$100,000 - and it was met within mere minutes of the launch. 
As of this writing, the project has raised well over USD$400,000, putting Pirate3D in the select group of 3D printing companies that have raised significant startup funds. 
Why were they so successful? What differentiates them from the dozens of other 3D printing startups we've seen lately? While the low cost of the Buccaneer (USD$347 for an assembled device) is obviously a key factor, we believe there were more factors:
  • The industrial design of the device is beautiful, particularly when compared with the "kit look" of many other offerings. 
  • The unique spooling system that should vastly simplify filament handling. 
  • A crack social media campaign to raise awareness of their project. 
One more thing: their name. Who doesn't like Pirates? 

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