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3D Printing Retail Store To Open In Illinois

We've seen MakerBot pioneer 3D printing retail deep in New York City and then in London at the iMakr store. Now there's another retail venture taking place in Evanston, Illinois - which is just north of Chicago, for those unfamiliar with the area. 
GetPrinting3D is a showroom where visitors can take a look at 3D printing technology first hand, ask questions and examine 3D printed objects. The shop is set to open in late June. 
The Dayton, Ohio-based company has evidently been selling 3D print technology for some time, but now has chosen to open a retail operation in Evanston. They resell 3D Systems gear, both consumer and commercial grade products. 
We think there should be many more such operations that permit everyday folks to drop by and see 3D printing in operation. The technology is still a great mystery to many, but with publicly accessible ventures such as GetPrinting3D, that is sure to change. 

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