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Finland Looks to Enter the 3D Printing Market

In a recently announced partnership, the Institute of Photonics at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Dutch company LUXeXceL will partner together to create a photonic 3D printer.
Started only a few shorts days ago, the UEF’s Institute of Phototonics has hit the ground running, grabbing its first large industrial partnership within a week of its opening. It’s partnership with optical rapid prototyping firm LUXeXceL will leverage the company’s Printoptical Technology, a method for printing optical quality components that don’t require post processing.
According to LUXeXceL their Printoptical systems uses a modified wide format industrial printer to deposit droplets of a UV-curable polymer onto the print surface. Once deposited a UV-lamp mounted inside the print head immediately cures the polymer.

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