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More Advanced 3D Interfaces Brewing

California-based Atheer is developing an advanced wearable 3D visual display that should be available in 2014. The as-yet-unnamed product appears to be a set of North Korean-style glasses that display 3D information to each eye. 
You might think Atheer is repeating Google's Glass product, but they're not. Atheer's product will be completely standalone and offer a variety of advanced augmented reality and comfort features. They have several patents related to managing the display to ensure visibility, recognize faces, recognize gestures and more. They say you won't get dizzy or have blurry vision when using their technology. 
Why are we so interested in this? We think this could be an excellent platform on which could be built a pretty rad 3D modeling service. Imagine being able to lift, push, twist and shape in 3D, right before your eyes. This could be a way to more easily develop complex 3D models with limited design experience.
It just might look a little strange to someone watching, though. 

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