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3D Printing and Painting - Together At Last

Artist Ioan Florea has developed a new technique for linking the new technology of 3D printing with the ancient art of painting. The recent immigrant to the USA has developed a line of fast dry oil pants, but we're most interested in the way in which he integrated 3D printing. 
The process begins with the production of several organic 3D shapes, printed on a Solidoodle 3. These shapes are then placed on a canvas using the new process. Florea says, "The custom transfer to canvas involves resin fusing  -curing (but not UV curing)".
The result is magnificent, as you can see in the image at the top (click for larger view). This work and others are actually on display at the South Bend Museum of Art in, of course, South Bend, Indiana until May 2015. Look for the Sightlines exhibit. 
Florea develops these amazing works from his two studios, one located in Illinois and the other in his native Romania - in Transylvania, specifically, and quite near Dracula's castle. 

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