THRE3D’s 3D Printing Directory

A new 3D printing online directory launches today: THRE3D provides a great index of materials, services and, of course, 3D printers. 
The site operates at a meta-level above manufacturer and resellers sites, providing an ability to compare offerings in a consistent manner. For example, if you’re interested in obtaining a spool of Laywoo-D3 wood filament, THRE3D can instantly provide a comparison of prices from half a dozen sellers. Prices appear to be converted into USD dollars for accurate comparison. From there you can jump to the sellers site and make a purchase. 
Listings can be rated, compared and sorted in several ways, making it easy to find the right item. 
How do items appear on THRE3D? Interested parties obtain an account and from there an unlimited number of items can be posted and managed on THRE3D at no charge. 
THRE3D holds one of the largest lists of 3D printers we’ve seen. At our check we observed 220 3D printers listed, including not only personal machines, but also many commercial devices and even machines no longer available. 
As the 3D printing world expands, there is a need for this type of service. New sellers emerge almost every day and it is increasingly difficult for buyers to identify the best deals. With THRE3D, 3D shopping becomes a bit easier. 
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