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My3DTwin Makes… You!

A new service based in the UK can produce a full color 3D print of people. The service requires an in-person visit to their studio where your 3D image will be captured in some detail by a "custom made" 3D scanner. 
The captured 3D model is quickly cleaned up and printed in full color on a 3D Systems ProJet 660Pro - usually ready in 24 hours. This service differs from many other "print yourself" services in that it prints ALL of you rather than simply pasting your face on an existing body. 
Figurines are available in three sizes: 
  • "Standard" 15cm for £84 (USD$125)
  • "Delux" 20cm for £120 (USD$179)
  • "Ultra" 25cm for £192 (USD$286)
The company is new, having been founded in London in 2012 with the intention of "exploring the full potential of each type of 3D scanning including laser, white light and photogrammetry." While they provide standard 3D printing and scanning services, their My3DTwin service is very accessible to the public. 
Via Levavo


The Velleman K8200 3D Printer