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The Velleman K8200 3D Printer

With the news that UK electronics retailer Maplin now sells the Velleman K8200 3D printer, we thought we'd better take a look at this new device. 
The K8200 is a plastic filament 3D printer, as most inexpensive 3D printers are. It accepts both ABS and PLA plastic from generic suppliers, avoiding the need for expensive proprietary material cartridges from the manufacturer. 
The build volume is very reasonable, a 20cm cube in which the 0.5mm nozzle produces objects. Resolution is not as fine as some other recent 3D printer announcements, but what do you want for a low price? The K8200 can print in layers as small as 0.20mm, which we think is more than sufficient for most applications. 
The K8200 comes with a meagre 5m (16 feet) of black PLA filament, which we think you'll likely go through in short order. 
The software environment seems to be the standard Repetier suite used by many open source devices. 
The K8200 is priced at £599 (USD$895), which is slightly higher than we'd expect, given recent competition. On the other hand, European pricing is sometimes higher for electronics. On yet another hand, if we had one, we'd wonder why the price is so high for a kit requiring assembly. Even more puzzling is the price set by Maplin: £699. 

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