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Check Out the Form 1 Online

Mystified by the Form 1 high-resolution 3D printer? Considering purchasing one but you're not quite certain it's for you? Maybe you have a Form 1 and you're not quite sure how to use it? If these questions have you puzzled, you might consider listening in to a webinar put on by Formlabs to introduce their new 3D printer. They say: 
We’ll give an overview of the Form 1 high-resolution desktop 3D-printer, go over the basics of its operation, the materials available, the best design practices, as well as take the PreForm software out for a test-drive.
The webinar takes place 18 July at 2PM EDT and registration is available at the link below. The registration has limited capacity, so if you have any interest in the Form 1, you'd best register as soon as you can. 

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