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BendLay Filament Bends!

The same folks who brought you the hard-to-believe-but-actually-real Wood filament now market a new bendable filament: BendLay, produced by Orbi-Tech and developed by Kai Parthy. 
BendLay filament, available in spools of either 3mm or 1.75mm, has the unique property of being able to bend without creating stress marks that you'd quickly see if you tried to bend ABS. If you try to bend PLA prints, well, they'll simply crack. The specs say it can be bent "200%". 
The new filament is priced at €32.8 (USD$43) for 750g, more than enough for some very interesting experiments. BendLay is also available at Creative Tools, who produced the bendy cap shown here. 
Imagine printing bendable hinges that can be fitted precisely into the doors of your project. Flexible material introduces many potential 3D printed objects that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to consider. 
The other thing we noticed about this interesting filament is that it's clear. In fact, it's described as "glass clear". While translucent materials are relatively common, "glass clear" is not. Apparently 91% of visible light passes through BendLay. 
Let's put some windows on those doors. 

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