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Joy Division's Famous Cover is 3D Printed

The iconic cover for Joy Division's 1979 hit album Unknown Pleasures has been 3D printed. German designer Michael Zoellner wanted to print Peter Saville’s design, which was based on an extra-terrestrial pulsar signal. Unfortunately, he ran into trouble right away: 
I could not find a single vector graphic or 3D model anywhere. There are articles about the history of the graphics, Peter Saville’s artwork and PSR B1919+21. I even tried to visualize PSR B1919+21‘s waveforms. But in the end I spend an evening tracing the waves by hand while watching ESC.
There's always a solution. Zoellner took the traces of each layer, extruded them in OpenSCAD and then joined them together to create the final model. 
If you're a Joy Division fan or just want to see an interesting design, best head to Thingiverse where you can download this 3D model at no charge. 

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