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3D Systems Completes Acquisition of Phenix

In June we reported that 3D Systems had struck a deal to acquire metal 3D printer manufacturer Phenix Systems. They've now announced that the deal has closed and Phenix and all their associated technology are now part of 3D Systems. 
This continues 3D Systems' habit of acquiring other 3D print-related companies. 3D Systems has two types of acquisition targets on their radar: Unique 3D printing processes and 3D printing ecosystem components, both of which dramatically increase 3D Systems' capabilities and their potential market. 
The acquisition of Phenix belongs to the former category. 3D Systems now has a large number of 3D printing processes under their control via patents, including SLA and SLS, making their ability to meet customer needs very comprehensive. Indeed, Phenix brings not only a high-resolution production-quality metal 3D printing process but also a ceramics 3D printing capability. 
Whether your commercial 3D printing needs are plastic, metal or ceramic, it looks like 3D Systems has a solution for you. 

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