The Bukito Portable 3D Printer

A new “sturdy, fast and portable” 3D printer is available on Kickstarter. The Bukito Portable 3D Printer by Deezmaker has already raised USD$100K to launch their new machine, so it seems that people are interested in 3D printing portability. 
This is not the first 3D printer for Deezmaker; they previous released the Bukobot last year, raising over USD$167K. But why a second 3D printer? They say: 
After our first successful Bukobot Kickstarter project, we started working on this design because we keep seeing the trend of others making low cost, but unreliable, 3D printers without really focusing on the details that make a 3D printer robust and basically do what they are suppose to: make great 3D prints. We have also seen many of our Bukobot users wished they can travel with their 3D printers a little easier…so we decided to make our own version of what a portable 3D printer should be, and Bukito was born.
The six pound (2kg) Bukito 3D printer is portable, but not just because it’s light. It’s robust due to the use of high-quality components, rigid frame and simple design. How portable is it? Check out this video of it printing WHILE FLYING: 
Aside from its notable aerial capability, the Bukito can print up to 0.05mm layers at speeds up to 150mm/s, handle ABS, PLA, Nylon and other common filaments. 
Up to August 4th, you can purchase a Bukito kit for as little as USD$599 or a fully assembled version for USD$799 from their Kickstarter page.   
The Bukito Portable 3D PrinterAnd why not? It flies!
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