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The 3D-Lab Store

We've uncovered yet another 3D model store, the 3D-Lab Store. Like many similar ventures, Poland-based 3D-Lab Store offers shoppers the opportunity to select a 3D print from a set of models. Some of the pieces offer sizing and color choices, which is particularly useful for bracelets. 
Objects are printed in various colors of PLA plastic and are offered inexpensively, typically USD$8-15. However, as this operation is based in Poland, the pricing is in Zloty. 
The 3D-Lab Store doesn't seem to have a huge product catalog at the moment, indicating the problem with this type of venture at this point in the 3D printing lifecycle: There are many similar operations launching simultaneously, each having near identical offerings. Few of them can compete with Thingiverse, however, which has a rather large selection of completely free objects. 
But there's one unique feature held by the 3D-Lab Store: it's localized. For Polish visitors, it offers Polish language services and pricing. Beat that, Thingiverse! 

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