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Autodesk's 3D Print Utility

Autodesk has released yet another 3D print-friendly free tool, the 3D Print Utility. Autodesk has been punching out many different free 3D tools in the past few years, but this one is perhaps closest to 3D printing. 
What does the 3D Printing Utility do? It accepts an STL format 3D model and then offers a variety of pre-printing preparations, including: 
  • Automated 3D model repairs
  • Model scaling
  • Automatic hollowing of the model
  • Automatic thickening of thin regions
  • Visual display of print platform and item dimensions
  • Automatic placement of multiple object copies
  • Automatic file transfer to MakerWare or Objet Studio
While the software is specifically set up for certain MakerBot and Objet 3D printers, there's also a "Save" button with which your modified 3D model (and copies) can be exported for 3D printing on almost any device. 
The 3D Printing Utility is available for OSX and Windows - and can be accessed from within 123D's existing Make tool. 
Our favorite feature? "Max Copies", which instantly fills the print bed with as many perfectly placed copies as possible. 
Via 123D

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