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WITbox, The Spanish 3D Printer

It doesn't really speak Spanish, but it was made in Spain by the folks at Marcha Technology and distributed by Ultra-Lab of Madrid. The WITbox is a plastic extrusion personal 3D printer capable of printing ABS, PLA, NYLON or PVA 1.75mm plastic filament. 
The WITbox is built robustly with a steel frame and optionally includes a heated bed for more reliable ABS printing. Resolutions can be as fine as 0.1mm, but the typical machine layer height is apparently 0.2mm. 
Three interesting features we noted were:
  • A transparent "Safety Door"
  • The ability to stack the machines up to three high
  • A European Community Certificate CE, indicating the WITbox meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives 
  • Two years warranty (!) and one year of technical support
Available in one or two-extruder versions (€2040 and €2290, respectively), you are able to easily add a second extruder yourself should you want to expand your single-extruder version. 
Available in negro, blanco o amarillo.
Via Ultra-Lab (en español, of course)

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