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Would You Actually Wear 3D Printed Fashions?

It's easy to imagine using 3D prints. Print a doorstop and hold a door open. Print a coathook and hang up your jacket. Print a replacement gear and fix your whatever. But fashions. 
We've seen several truly fascinating 3D printed fashion shows in past months, including one from notable 3D fashion designer Iris Van Herpen, sponsored by Materialise, where some really amazing items were shown like the necklace above. 
Pieces from other shows are much more unusual, and one may wonder about the practicability of wearing them.  
These 3D fashion prints are both beautiful and startling. But would you actually wear them in "real life"? 
Some would say "No". Some might say "Maybe". Some may even ask, "How?"
We think some perspective is necessary in this situation. Consider that some high-end fashion designers produce shocking pieces that are not really meant for normal wear. They're meant to inspire designs and launch trends. 
This is the nature of 3D printed fashion today. It's radical, beautiful and inspirational. 
But it's not going to be found in your neighborhood Wal-Mart.

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