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A 3D Printing Workshop in Mexico

3D printing is gaining momentum worldwide; we've seen startup companies, innovative uses and conventions to educate those in the region. This now includes Mexico, which is set to host the 1st. Mexican Workshop on Additive Manufacturing in Monterrey. 
A joint project between Tecnologico de Monterreyand Newcastle University in the UK, the Workshop includes talks from Dr. Adrian Bowyer, father of the RepRap project as well as others from Newcastle University. 
The three-day event takes place on July 24-26 and is apparently the very first event dedicated to 3D printing in the country. Topics covered include: bioprinting, metal 3D printing, automotive applications, prosthetics and much more. 
While the talks will surely be interesting, we suspect the most important part of this conference will take place during the round table session entitled, "Building AM Capabilities in Mexico: The Next Step", where organizers hope to identify initiatives to rapidly expand use of 3D printing in Mexico
Via ITESM (Hat tip to Javier)

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