Are You Ready To Mold 3D Prints?

Most 3D printers produce objects in a very limited set of materials, typically only one or two. But what if there was a way to make items from many kinds of materials? That’s exactly what you can do by combining your 3D printer with ComposiMold, a system for making molds. 
ComposiMold is a reusable solid material that melts when heated to +130F (+55C). The system includes sprays to easily free molded objects and to reduce bubble formation during molding. You’ll need to bring your own plastic tubs and mixing sticks unless you purchase one of ComposiMold’s complete molding kits. 
Making molded objects with your 3D printer is easy with ComposiMold. Printed items are placed in a tub, which is then filled with melted ComposiMold. After cooling you remove the master printed object and you’ve made yourself a mold of it. 
The mold can accept a variety of pourable materials, including plaster, concrete, plastics, chocolate, candle wax and soap. In fact, any pourable substance that won’t distort the mold from heat will likely work. Even then, ComposiMold lists techniques for molding hot casting material. In the video below you’ll see how to make rubber tires for your 3D printed model. 
We believe molding and casting is a natural extension for those experimenting in 3D printing. Molding significantly grows the possibilities for personal making and ComposiMold is a very easy way to get started. 
And make your own personal chocolate bars. 
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