The Cube Spotted At Staples

The Cube Spotted At Staples
For the very first time, a personal 3D printer has been seen on display in a major retail chain. 3D Systems made a deal with Staples to resell the Cube some months ago, but until now the Cube has only been seen in Staples’ online store. Now it’s actually there in person, for real, no kidding. 
It’s not clear exactly which Staples outlets have the Cube on display, as 3D Systems says: 
The Cube 3D printer has hit retail shelves at select Staples stores throughout the country. Select locations of Staples stores are offering consumers the opportunity to purchase a 3D printer for their at home use.
Does this mean you’ll see it at your Staples? Probably not yet, but we suspect you’ll see them there before too long. 
Via Cubify
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