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The UP Plus 2

One of the very first personal 3D printer manufacturers was Delta Micro Factory / PP3DP, a division on China's Tiertime, who produced the widely used Up! 3D printer. Now its successor, the venerable Up! Plus, is to be replaced by a new version, the UP Plus 2. 
The new 3D printer is styled similar to the original Up! by having a completely open format. This permits observers to be fascinated by the process of 3D printing without any visual obstructions. But what's improved?  
The major difference is the addition of a completely automated calibration system. The system includes automated bed leveling and automated Z-height set. Virtually all other personal 3D printers require you to manually configure these key parameters and many people found the process difficult or confusing. Or even got it wrong and damaged their device. 
Those worries are gone with the new UP Plus 2, which does all that configuration automatically. To put this in perspective, the only other machines we've seen that include this functionality are commercial 3D printers valued at more than USD$10,000. This is a function all 3D printers should include. 
The UP Plus 2 has been available for pre-order since June 1st at a price of USD$1649. There is no word on when it will ship. 

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