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Design of the Week: ONE_SHOT Stool

This week's selection is the ONE_SHOT Stool by artist Patrick Jouin, who produced this piece in 2006. 
This 40cm tall item is an example of early 3D printed art, in the form of furniture. Produced by Materialise using polyamide and alumide, it rests today at the Art Institute of Chicago. So unfortunately you cannot purchase this item or even a 3D model of it. 
The Art Institute of Chicago says: 
This kinetic design, which includes an integrated handle that allows for opening and closing the stool, was produced in one piece by the rapid prototyping technique known as selective laser sintering. The computeraided design process permits designers to digitally “print” work in three dimensions from polymer powder fused together and made hard by heat from a laser beam. Initially developed so designers could quickly and accurately make models and prototype components, it has more recently been employed to generate entire pieces of furniture and objects. ONE_SHOT Stool is an early example of this advanced production process.

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