You Can Help Make 3D-Rex

A new Kickstarter project from Namisu proposes to produce a series of geometric mesh Tyrannosaurus Rex heads using 3D printing. The Namisu project team behind 3D-REX, four folks from Spain and the UK, view 3D-REX as their first of many similar decorative 3D art projects. They say: 
Through the 3D-REX project we wanted to explore the possibilities of 3D-printing for sculpture. We came up with the concept of a wireframe fossil, a complex geometric mesh representing one of the most ancient and iconic creatures: the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The concept really appealed to us because it represents a contrast between old and new, mixing nature’s own amazing creations with technological advances of today. 
The highly complex design required many prototypes before they arrived at the final composition. Two versions are available, “Wall” and “Desk” versions. The Desk version simply sits on a flat surface, while the Wall version can be hung on a wall with a hook. Three sizes will be produced using an SLS 3D printing process: 8.7cm long (£25 / USD$38), 12.2cm (£42 / USD$63) and 23.8cm (£125 / USD$188). Prices are set to rise as editions sell out. 
If you’d like some teeth on your desk, you should head over to the 3D-REX project now.
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