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IDSA Launches 3D Printed Car Contest

The Industrial Designers Society of America is sponsoring a rather unusual 3D printing contest, which culminates at their August 12 annual conference. 
The design part of the contest is straightforward: submit a design that is "beauty / fun / thematic" and uses "unique attributes of 3D printing". Designs must employ specific supplied axles and wheels. A jury will select the best ten finalists, whose designs will be 3D printed. 
Then the fun starts. 
Each of the ten 3D printed finalist cars will shoot down a real-life ski-jump track, recorded from many angles with slow-motion video. The "jumps" will then be judged based on: flight length, aesthetics and of course, "most spectacular crash". The winner of each category receives their own Up! Mini 3D printer. 
Have you ever designed something to explode dramatically? 
You will. 

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