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Protos 3D Printed Eyewear

Startup Protos is offering the opportunity to purchase 3D printed eyeglass frames. The obvious benefit is that the frames are precisely fit to your measurements, as shown in the image above. 
The frames are said to be 3D printed with a "proprietary material is lighter than titanium and more flexible than commonly used acetate materials" and "made from bioplastic and are hypoallergenic". It's not clear to us which 3D printer will produce these frames, but we suspect they've concocted a special  powder/infiltration mix for a powder-based 3D printer. 
Protos has launched the product via a crowdfunding campaign, which offers various combinations of products. The base level, however, is USD$199 for one pair. Often crowd funding campaigns offer unusual top-level rewards and Protos has a very unique choice: USD$9999 for "Custom Fit Frames for Life". Depending on your age, this could be a pretty good deal. 
Via Protos

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