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Puzzle Complexity Rises With 3D Printing

3D printing technology has begun to change many industries and even individual lives, but one area we hadn't considered was the making of 3D puzzles. A piece on GigaOM details the journey of two master puzzle makers into the modern 3D world. 
Traditional puzzle making involved time-consuming hand carving and construction, limiting the number of units that could be created and sold. If a particular puzzle became sufficiently popular it could be mass-produced, but most were not. 
Enter 3D printing: the technology permits near instantaneous creation of new puzzles, direct from the voluminous brains of puzzle makers. The technology permits limited-run quantities to be produced economically, something not easily achieved before. 
Puzzle makers have found the use of 3D print services like Shapeways and others can provide a straightforward outlet for their imaginative designs, while puzzle addicts can get a hit whenever necessary. 
It's yet another new market. 
Via GigaOM

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