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L'Altrome Launches

We've been directed to a new Italian service that can produce full-color 3D printed figurines based on your own image. 
The service is similar to others we've seen, but is very simple to use. You must provide two color images of your (or someone's) head: a front view and a side view. These images are used by L'Altrome's software and 3D modelers to produce a 3D model of your head. 
You then select a configuration from the three possibilities above and "dress" the figures from a good selection of adornments. The head is placed on the body and then entire figurine is 3D printed and sent directly to you. They say: "You put your face… We put the dress!"
Pricing for this service is €250 for a single figure, €300 for a two-figure standing pose and €400 for a sitting pose of two figures. 
While there are existing services delivering this form of service, we suspect a regional focus will increase sales. Expect more of these services to pop up in all geographies. 
Via Altrome (in italiano)

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