MakerBot’s Digitizer Nearing Release

Evidently MakerBot blasted out emails to their mailing list indicating that their new Digitizer personal 3D scanner will be on sale next week. 
This is a bit of a milestone for MakerBot, who now will branch out into a second type of complex product, beyond their 3D printers. Yes, they’ve sold parts, filament and various accessories, but the Digitizer will be a product of similar complexity to their 3D printers. 
We’re very interested to learn how well the Digitizer operates. How detailed will its scans be? Does its software properly seal holes and produce printable models? What level of reliability will it demonstrate? We don’t know the answers now, but perhaps we’ll find out next week. 
We’ll also find out the price of the Digitizer, because it hasn’t yet been announced for some reason. 
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