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3D Printing Spinal Implants

A new era of orthopedic surgery is taking shape at Peking University. Armed with an Electron Beam Melting (EBM) 3D printer, doctors are able to create titanium implants that fit perfectly with a patient’s body.
Over the course of the last four years, Dr. Liu Zhongjun has been using EBM 3D printing to develop new spinal implants. During that time he’s created dozens of orthopedic implants each of which has been custom designed to fit each patient’s body.
“We started clinical trials on 3D printed implants late last year, and now we have used dozens of such implants for more than 50 patients," said Liu.  In fact, according to Liu “All the [implant] patients recover very well. Nobody seems to have any undesirable side effects or adverse reaction."

The State of Medical 3D Printing

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