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Fuel3D's Harker Offering

We wrote recently on Fuel3D's new 3D scanner, just launched on Kickstarter. While the project has been quite successful, gaining more than three times their goal of USD$75,000, they've created even more reason to buy one of their devices: Fuel3D has teamed with noted 3D print artist Joshua Harker, who has produced a unique design that will be available only to Fuel3D buyers - and then only in limited quantities. 
The design (shown above) is clearly Harker's style; he's previously produced a very popular abstract skull of similar characteristics. What is it, exactly? It's described as a: "OUIJA planchette executed in the tangled filigree aesthetic". The design will manifest as a limited edition polyamide product casing, available only to those pledging to Fuel3D's Kickstarter campaign. 

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