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Freeform 3D Printing with an Undo Ability

The Suspended Deposition Project, Brian Harm’s new 3D printing concept, is built to change the way architects create and design structures. According to Harms, “This project aims to blur the line between processes of design and fabrication in the context of rapid prototyping by increasing the fluidity of the fabrication process through coordinated material and robotic processes.”
Translated from technobabble, the Suspended Deposition Project is a 3D printing tool that can be controlled even in the middle of a print job. The printer’s key feature is a bath of gelatinous support material in which the printing medium, a light-curing resin extruded from a needle-thin 3D print-head, can be suspended indefinitely, allowing the printer to take a more freeform approach, rather than that pesky gravity requiring that you build the thing from the ground up.

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