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Will MAKEWithMOTO Visit Your City?

It's a summer-long road trip for several folks from Motorola, who are promoting the idea of "making" by driving a kind of mobile makerspace around the USA. They say: 
This summer, Motorola is hitting the road in a velcro-clad Sprinter van full of the latest prototyping tools (3D printers, laser cutters, soldering stations, etc) to connect and create with young makers. Over the course of a 5-month road trip, the MAKEwithMOTO crew will visit 12 universities and 4 Maker Faires to help student teams turn hardware/software unlocked versions of Motorola's latest smartphones into their dream device.
So far they've visited Berkeley, San Mateo, Rancho Palos Verde, Pasadena, Las Vegas, Round Rock, College Station TX, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Champaign, Detroit, Nashville, Atlanta and Raleigh. Next up for the MAKEwithMOTO team will be: 
  • 08/21 Washington, DC
  • 08/29 Pittsburg, PA
  • 09/06 New York, NY
  • 09/20 World Maker Faire New York
  • 09/27 Providence, RI
  • 10/04 Boston, MA
  • 10/11 Boston, MA
  • 17/11 Boston MA
We also noticed they took a side trip to the Rock Hill, South Carolina headquarters of industry giant 3D Systems, who seems to be supplying them with 3D printing technology (note the several Cubes in the top image.)
Our thoughts? Makerspaces are now an essential part of 21st century life. If you don't have one in your city, create one! And if that doesn't work, perhaps MAKEwithMOTO will drop by. 
Via MAKEwithMOTO (Hat tip to Syndi)

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