Lexus Creates 3D Printed Car-Mice For iPads

This is one of the more unusual uses of 3D printing we’ve seen. Apparently car maker Lexus exhibited their current vehicles at the recent 2013 Seoul Motor Show in Korea. At their display was an “Interactive Table” holding several bolted-down iPads. 
The iPads were accompanied by miniature 3D printed Lexus cars that were intended to be used as “mice” for the iPads. Each car/mouse was designed to provide a unique “touch” to the iPad screen when placed on it. The iPads ran an app that reacted to the each type of car by displaying different information. 
We think the message here is that 3D printing can provide a tactile experience. While an iPad has no need of a mouse – just use your fingers – the point here was to engage people by touching the sleek Lexus designs. Cars are designed for their looks – but part of that experience is also through touch. By “feeling” the shape of a miniature vehicle, you just might be more attracted to the full-size version. 
Will this unusual marketing technique work? We have no idea, but we’ll know soon enough if other manufacturers begin using this approach. Regardless, we really like the headlights. 
Via DesignFever (Hat tip to Bruce)
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