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Unboxing a Type A Machine Series 1

Andrew Mazzotta from 3DHacker has released another video, this time of him unboxing the Series 1 personal 3D printer from Type A Machines. This printer is known for its relatively large build volume very high resolution. 
The unit Mazzotta puts together is a pre-assembled version, otherwise the video would be a bit longer.  
The experience shown in the video we believe to be typical for many personal 3D printers. It's not a completely smooth Apple-like unboxing, so some consumers might be frightened away by the minor technical tasks required to get the machine running. It's interesting to compare this experience against those of high-volume consumer products. 
3D printers have come very far - only a few years ago a similar video would have involved a much more complex installation process. But there are many opportunities to simplify the process and open up 3D printing to so many more people. 

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