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Behind the Scenes at the 3D Printshow

We happened to be in the city of St Albans, north of London where we had a behind the scenes look at the organization operating the 3D Printshow, which is rapidly becoming the go-to event for personal 3D printing. 
The mastermind behind the 3D Printshow is Kerry Hogarth, seen above in her master control room where the several 3D Printshow events are being plotted as you read this. If you look closely, you can see an in-progress floor map of an upcoming event this November in London. Their team has rapidly increased in size and we suspect it will grow a lot more in the future.
Putting on a large show such as the 3D Printshow is a complex operation involving significant planning, but we believe the efforts of 3D Printshow and others are terribly important, because they bring knowledge of 3D printing to the public. They also provide a forum where industry leaders can freely mix. 
Where people mix, ideas generate and flow between everyone. That's where the future comes from. 

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