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TeamPlatform Joins 3D Systems

3D Systems has added to their growing list of acquisitions by striking a deal with TeamPlatform to join the 3D Systems team. 
Last year TeamPlatform launched to provide 3D modelers with a central hub for sharing 3D projects. It's a cloud-based sharing facility where designers separated by distance can efficiently work together on 3D modeling projects. Models can be shared within private groups corresponding to your projects. Features include advanced search, notifications, version control, project templates, administration, comments, tasks, schedules, requirements and much more.  
We're not surprised 3D Systems made this move; their strategy has been to beef up the 3D printing ecosystem by connecting services together in ways that make 3D models flow more smoothly. They've acquired and integrated 3D modeling software as well as many related services, so it is not a surprise they've linked with TeamPlatform. According to their press release: 
Systems plans to immediately integrate the TeamPlatform technology into both its professional and consumer offerings, including Geomagic Solutions and
Look for new ways to share your models soon. 

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